Welcome to the Alaska Energy Authority’s PCE Web Portal!

Please make note that all PCE Utility Monthly Reports ("UMR") for Fiscal Year 2022 [July 2021 thru June 2022] must be submitted on or before August 31, 2022. PCE Utility Monthly Reports submitted after that date are not eligible to be processed by the Alaska Energy Authority. Please contact the PCE department at (907) 771-3929 with any questions you might have.

The goal of the Power Cost Equalization program is to provide economic assistance to customers in rural areas of Alaska where the kilowatt-hour charge for electricity can be three to five times higher than the charge in more urban areas of the state.
The Alaska Energy Authority’s PCE Web Portal provides the tools and resources to help participating utilities file their monthly reports and reimbursement requests electronically. By utilizing the PCE Web Portal, participating utilities:
  • Eliminate the monthly costs associated with printing and mailing their reimbursement requests and supporting documentation;
  • Receive their reimbursements sooner by eliminating mailing transit time;
  • Quickly determine the status of their reimbursement request;
  • Have on-line access to previously filed reports;
  • Have on-line access to resource materials, forms, and training guides.
If you are a participating utility and already have a user ID and password, click on the Login tab at the top of your screen to begin using the Web Portal.
If you do not have a User ID or require additional information about the PCE Web Portal, please contact the Alaska Energy Authority’s PCE Department at the number listed below.

Jeff Williams, PCE Program Manager, Community Assistance
Tel. (907) 771-3929
Fax (907) 771-3044